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Portrait of G. L. Mosse George Lachmann Mosse (September 20, 1918, Berlin, Germany - January 22, 1999, Madison, Wisconsin, United States) was one of the greatest and most influential historians of modern European history. As a teacher, he graced the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus for some forty years, and the Hebrew University for some twenty years creating a vital and variegated international intellectual community.

George Mosse was born in Berlin into one of Germany's richest Jewish families, who owned a large chain of newspapers including several of the most prestigious papers in Germany. After the rise of National Socialism in 1933, the Mosse family fled Germany to Britain. In 1936, Mosse moved to the United States. He graduated with a BS from Haverford College in 1941 and from Harvard with a PhD in 1946. He served as professor at the University of Iowa, the University of Wisconsin-Madison from 1955 onwards, and also the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Mosse began his scholarly career as an expert on family life in Tudor and Stuart England, but from the early 1960s on, he frequently wrote about modern European intellectual history, Fascism, anti-Semitism, National Socialism, and European Jewish History. In his later works, he also wrote about the history popular culture, symbols, rituals and sexuality.

He has provided the Departments of History at both these institutions with a munificent bequest that aims to make it possible for students in the Humanities to experience that community.

For further reading: Steven Aschheim, "George Mosse at 80: A Critical Laudatio"

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The Mosse Program is involved in the translation of a few more books by George Mosse. These will be published in Israel under the Israeli Historical Society publishing house and the Zalman Shazar Center Press.

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Recorded Mosse Lectures Online

The Mosse Program uploaded a series of lectures given by George L. Mosse in the radio the Fall of 1982.

The topic of these lectures is European Cultural History 1660-1870. They were recorded for the WHA -Radio Series, "University of the Air."

They are free for listening and downloading here: © University of Wisconsin Board of Regents