George L. Mosse
Program in History


Conference-Support Guidelines

The Mosse Program will assist in funding International Conferences, Symposiums and Workshops which are connected to the Program's aims and vision and promote them.

Conference organizers who seek to receive the Program's help in funding these sorts of academic events should provide us with the following documentation (in English):

  1. A brief conference description which specifies the title, overall theme, session themes and aim of the planned event. You must describe the content of the planned event and its contribution to the field of research.
  2. Name of the organizing body/institution and names of the organizing committee members, including their contact details.
  3. List of participants, including their academic affiliation.
  4. Conference Programme (a tentative programme can be added as long as it includes the number of planned sessions/panels and their themes).
  5. An estimated-budget document stating the expected expenses, including a list of other grant-giving bodies (if any). The proposed budget should include publicity, travel, lodging, and honorarium expenses.

Priority is given to academic events that would:

The above documentation should be sent to Asya Bereznyak, G. L. Mosse Program Coordinator in Israel, at

Past Conferences

International Conference in honor of Steven E. Aschheim, "Culture & Catastrophe in Modern European History",
9-10/06/2010, Mt. Scopus.
Conference Program

Criminality and Madness in Modern Germany
Jerusalem, May 27-28, 2007
Conference press release

Jacob Talmon and Totalitarianism Today: Legacy and Revision
Jerusalem, December 26-28 , 2006

Eurasian Nomads as Agents of Cultural Change
Jerusalem, June 5-6, 2006

Reckoning with the Past: Perpetrators, Accomplices, and Victims in Post-Totalitarian Narratives and Politics
Madison, April 28-30, 2006

New Perspectives on Détente
Jerusalem, December 19-21, 2005

What is Women's History and Why Should We Study It?: Conference in Honor of Prof. Gerda Lerner
Jerusalem, June 2-7, 2005
Conference poster

Jewish History Encounters Economy (4.6 MB)
Madison, April 15-16, 2005

At the Cutting Edge: Rethinking German and Jewish Cultural and Intellectual History
Schloss Elmau, 12-14 July, 2004

Political Religion in the Modern Era
Madison, 7-9 May, 2004

An Historian's Legacy: George L. Mosse and Recent Research on Fascism, Society and Culture
Madison, 7-9 September, 2001