George L. Mosse
Program in History

Student Exchange Program

The great historian George L. Mosse, who taught at the University of Wisconsin and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, has left a most generous fund for student exchange between the two institutes. The Students Exchange Program is intended to enable students from Hebrew University to spend an academic year at the University of Wisconsin in order to advance their careers and broaden their intellectual horizons.

Eligibility, Application Procedure and Forms

The fellowship for students from the Hebrew University is for two years – one in Madison, and one in Jerusalem. It includes costs of living and studies, research grant, traveling costs and additional support for partners and families. Students allowed to apply are PhD students, MA students and BA students who will finish their studies by the end of the academic year in which they applied. Students from all historical departments are welcome to apply, priority will be given to students of the Department of History.

Selected candidates will be invited for interviews during January-February.

Application forms and documents should be submitted by January 1, 2013, in 6 copies.
Forms in PDF format: Application form

Application forms must be submitted with the following documents (also in 6 copies):

For further details, please contact Asya Bereznyak,
Coordinator of the Mosse Program in Jerusalem,
The Department of History,
Mt. Scopus, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem 91905,

Exchange Students Speak

Gadi Leshman (Academic Year 2004-2005)

“The Mosse Fellowship at the University of Wisconsin – my first year as a graduate student – surpasses any expectations I had had before my arrival. Not only did I find an exceptionally scholarly department of history, backed by superb academic infrastructure and hosted by the rich and friendly city of Madison; I have also enjoyed the nurturing and guidance of some fine educators in the wider sense of the word.”

Tamar Herzig (Academic Year 2000-2001)

“I was a George L. Mosse Fellow during the first two years of my doctoral studies. In 2000-2001, I took graduate courses and conducted preliminary research for my Ph.D. dissertation on “Holy Women, Male Promoters, and Savonarolan Piety in Northern Italy, c. 1498-1545” at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In addition to studying with leading experts in early modern history and in Italian studies, I benefited considerably from Memorial Library's truly wonderful collections in European history. In 2001-2002, I continued to pursue my doctoral research at the Hebrew University, and the generous support of the Mosse Program also enabled me to spend two months of archival work in Italy.”

Vanessa Walker (Academic Year 2004-2005)

“I was a George L. Mosse Fellow in Jerusalem, when I researched the relationship between activists and diplomats in formulating and implementing human rights as a foreign policy objective during the Carter Administration. I am particularly interested in the role of religious organizations and ideologies in providing a political framework for value centered policies like human rights. I spent my year in Israel comparing these issues in the Middle East and Latin American contexts, which greatly helped me in my research.”